New 2018 Dr. Z Z-LUX


40/20 watts, 4x6V6, cathode-biased, half-power switch, footswitchable tube-driven spring reverb and tube-driven tremolo, footswichable EQ-bypass variable boost, handwired in Ohio with premium components including Jupiter caps, Mallory 150s, and Orange Drops, custom-designed Eminence Z-12 12″ loudspeaker, all housed in a compact, resonant, lightweight cabinet. Tone has that distinctive Dr. Z articulation but a very ’60s Fender warmth and flexibility. This one is in the lovely Blonde/Oxblood combination, and has the optional handy Brake-Lite attenuator installed. Joe Walsh says his Z-LUX is the best amp he owns, which is high praise indeed. Another spectacular success from our friends at Dr. Z