1997 Martin D-28LF Lester Flatt Commemorative #14


Gorgeous select book matched Brazilian Rosewood the likes of which might have been available 20 years ago but near impossible now. This provides the huge boom to cut through the dang banjos ruckus. The 5/16” scalloped braces help add the high end volume for balance. 25.4” scale, 1 11/16” at nut so you can play all day. Light weight Kluson style tuners don’t make the guitar neck heavy. If you watch Lester play you see this thumbpick chopping that alternating bass and his fingerpick always lifting up to finish the chord all with great force to be heard above Earl Scruggs banjo. This playing style eats soft Sitka Spruce tops thus the pickguard. This is #14 of only 50 made worldwide, is in fine shape, sent through our shop for a bridge reglue. Listen to the Beverly Hillbillies theme song or find a video of Lester who was a frequent guest on the show.

Come on listen to my story of a man named Lester. A fantastic limited Brazilian Rosewood Martin with pretty grain, huge tone and at a price that can’t be duplicated today.Comes with the original Geib style hard case.