New Zvex Machine

I designed this new distortion generator, Machine, with some different limitations. Like try playing chords through it. Hmmm. But put it in front of any string of fuzz pedals, and try to make it disappear. Machine is actually a dual... $Call For Price

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zvex mastotron willies saint paul minnesota

New ZVex Mastotron

A sub-heavy silicon fuzz with some new twists: An input impedance control (push/relax) that adjusts from passive pickups to line level. It works very well for re-amping bass tracks that need to be fuzzed up after tracking and... $149

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zvex johnny octave handpainted willies saint paul minnesota

New ZVex Johnny Octave

This "clean" analog octave-up pedal will raise your single-note solos one or two octaves up when you play through your neck pickup at the 12th fret. Johnny’s "engine" contains four germanium diodes and a transformer... $319

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zvex handpainted box of metal willies saint paul minnesota

New ZVex Box of Metal

The heaviest pedal in the ZVEX lineup, the BOM has a massive amount of distortion available with great thump and an excellent tone control, and includes a very effective noise gate feature which can be turned off and on with a... $359

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zvex fuzz factory 7 handpainted willies saint paul minnesota

New ZVex Fuzz Factory 7

A limited edition version of the Fuzz Factory. When Mr. Vex found a supply of black glass germanium transistors from the mid-fifties, he was so inspired by their unique look and sonic character, that he designed a new Fuzz Factory... $449

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