1951 fender deluxe tweed willies saint paul minnesota

1951 Fender Deluxe

Here we have a vintage 1951 Fender TV-front tweed Deluxe amplifier, an early piece of Fender history. Serial number 3648, original Jensen P12R alnico magnet speaker, just reconed. Amp just thoroughly serviced, grounded cord added.... $2750

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fender tweed super jensen p10r presence willies saint paul minnesota

1958 Fender tweed Super

In good shape with original cover. A rare find as these higher watt 50's Fenders were expensive in the day. This one has that high power twin tone like Keith's. With settings at 5-6 its tone is rich and sweet like a hi-fi tube... $7995

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1959 Fender tweed Bassman

Vintage 1959 Fender tweed Bassman, classic 5F6-A circuit. Retweeded and lacquered, looks great. Baffle and handle replaced. Speakers are recent Jensens, but the originals are boxed up and included, and will be shipped separately. IL... $5999

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vox jmi jennings musical industries ltd brown diamond ef86 willies saint paul minnesota

1960s Vox AC-4

Early '60s, JMI (Jennings Musical Industries) production, small student combo, 4 watts from a single EL84, ECC83/EF86 preamp, EZ80 tube rectifier, black vinyl, lovely brown Vox grille cloth, hinged handle, has added footswitch jack... $1350

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1960s Silvertone Model 1432 amplifier

Mid-1960's Silvertone Model 1432 amplifier, about 12 watts from two 6V6s. Volume, tone and tremolo, simple and toneful. Handwired in the USA. $795

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jmi vox ac30 top boost dolly willies saint paul minnesota

1960s Vox AC-30 Top Boost

Mid-60s factory Top Boost AC-30, designed by Dick Denney, JMI production, grey panel, original transformers, housed in a very authentic North Coast repro cabinet riding on a beautiful repro chrome dolly, Weber Blue Dog alnico... $2800

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1964 Fender Bandmaster

Here we have a 1964 Fender Bandmaster head and matching 2x12" cabinet. Pre-CBS, Fender Electric Instruments, about 40 watts from two 6L6s, great tremolo. Transitional cosmetic, blonde tolex and blackface circuit. Oxford alnico... $1795

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fender showman ab763 jbl blackface piggyback willies saint paul minnesota

1965 Fender Showman-Amp

Fender's top of the line piggyback amp, blackface AB763 circuit, 85 watts, 4x6L6, solid-state rectifier, 2 channels, tremolo, matching cabinet with JBL 1x15" loudspeaker, clean and original including tilt-back legs, sliding... $1999

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vintage 1966 fender bassman head amp

1966 Fender Bassman Head

Here we have a vintage 1966 Fender Bassman head, in good shape. Just serviced, new filter caps, grounded cord, works perfectly and sounds great. Handwired in California, solid pine cabinet, classic Fender quality. $950

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vintage ampeg b 15N bass amplifier combo

1967 Ampeg B-15N

Ask anyone with experience what the most legendary bass amp of all time is. For stage its the SVT but for recording only one name will come up: the Portaflex B15N. This hand wired example is from the golden era. It's working and has... $2250

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marshall plexi small box lay down mains transformer 1986 willies saint paul minnesota

1968 Marshall Model 1986 50-watt plexi head

50-watt Marshall head, the Model 1986, bass variant of the 1987, plexi panels front and back, small box, lay-down mains transformer, black levant vinyl, gold piping, repro logo, Bulgin AC mains socket replaced with modern IEC, small... $7500

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vintage ampeg amp

1968 Ampeg J12R Reverbojet

Up for sale here is a vintage 1968 Ampeg J-12R Reverbojet 1 x12" combo. In good condition, just thoroughly serviced, grounded cord added, original Ampeg branded two prong cord included. Speaker changed to a 1971 Utah. Reverb and... $695

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vintage 1970 Marshall Super PA head

1970 Marshall Model 1963 Super PA 50

Factory red levant vinyl with matching salt-and-pepper grille 4x12" cabinet. Immediately post-plexi, lay-down mains transformer, four channels, eight inputs, loudspeakers are "golden sand" 1970-dated Celestion G12Ms.... $Call For Price.

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1972 Fender Super Reverb in

1972 Fender Super Reverb On Hold

oaded into a 1964 Vibroverb cabinet. Now at 45 watts with single JBL (was 80 watts when it had 4x10 speakers). Fully shopped check but very beat up cabinet. Pots date to 23rd week of ’72. Functional CBS era tone for cheap. $950 On Hold

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vintage fender champ amp

1973 Fender Champ

Here we have a vintage 1973 Fender Champ amp. One 6V6 power tube, simple controls, handmade in California. Speaker changed to a newer alnico Jensen, works great, no issues. $495

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used traynor amp yba-1 bass master

1974 Traynor YBA-1 Bass Master

Here we have a vintage 1974 Traynor YBA-1 Bass Master head. In good condition overall, missing the logo, two changed knobs. Handwired in Canada, very much the Canadian Marshall. Two EL34s get you about 50 watts, four inputs, bright... $750

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fender silverface deluxe reverb willie

1976 Fender Deluxe Reverb On Hold

A nice clean silverface-era example of Fender's Goldilocks (not too big, not too small - just right!) guitar amp. 22 watts from a pair of 6V6s, tube rectifier, a single Oxford 12" loudspeaker, two channels, classic Fender... $1450

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used vintage music man amp

1978 Music Man 65 Reverb Head

Here we have a vintage 1978 MusicMan 65 Reverb head. In good condition overall, logo badges missing. 65 watts from two EL34s, solid state preamp. Great reverb and tremolo, master volume, handmade in California. Just cleaned and... $650

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marshall 4150 compressor bass amp 4x10 brown willies saint paul minnesota

1979 Marshall Model 4150 Compressor Bass Amp

Here's a peculiar one. It's a 4x10" bass combo in earth tones but otherwise bears little similarity to Fender's tweed Bassman that so influenced Marshall. 100 watts from a quartet of EL34s, a built-in compressor with width and... 895

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white marshall jcm800 4104 g12h30 vertical el34 willies saint paul minnesota

1984 Marshall JCM 800 Model 4104

Factory white tolex, 50 watts, 2xEL34, vertical inputs, master volume, Drake transformers, looks and unsurprisingly sounds fantastic. Some honest wear but all-original save for added casters and speakers, which may be a good thing... $1650

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used 1986 marshall jcm 800 amp head

1986 Marshall JCM-800

Black Levant, 50 watts, EL-34 powered, horizontal input, single channel, in excellent condition, the sound of rock. $1599

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used jmi ac 15 copy

2000s JMI 15 AC-15 Clone

These early JMI vintage Vox clones are becoming very sought after. Why? Because they came so close to the most famous Vox amps of all time. In fact Vox sued them for coming too close. Hand wired, Class A with older features, smaller... $1500

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