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vintage gibson ga-8t discoverer amp

1950s Gibson GA-8T Discoverer

Shop checked, light as a feather at 22 pounds, 15 watts, single 12" Jensen speaker, shimmering tremolo. Great sounding little vintage amp and only $599

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vintage 1955 fender princeton amplifier

1955 Fender Princeton

Back in '55, a Princeton was basically a Champ with an 8" speaker and tone stack. 5E2 circuit. Small cabinet, narrow panel. Some scuffs and tufts, but very charming. 5 watts, 15 pounds, and tone for days. $1850

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1958 fender tweed deluxe amp

1958 Fender Tweed Deluxe

Recovered cab, replaced output transformer. Added 3 prong grounded power cord. The tweed to have, at a price that reflects its few deviations from stock. Sounds like it should, and looks great! Jensen. $2600

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vintage danelectro amp

1960s Danelectro Centurion

Neat two channel, four input amp. Powered via parallel 6V6s. Replacement speaker. Missing back panel and speaker cage. Another cool flavor of tremolo, for not much more than some boutique tremolo pedals! Reasonable headroom. $379

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vintage 1960 fender tweed princeton

1960 Fender Princeton

Great amp! The missing link between tweed and blackface. Slower to breakup than a tweed, rawer and more mid-rangey than a blackface Princeton. Very cool sound. Nice and clean... $1850

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1962 fender pro amp

1962 Fender Pro

Brown tolex, brown panel, "Fender Electric", wheat grille, 6G5-A circuit, 45 watts from 2 6L6s, 2 channels, amazing tube tremolo that really needs to be heard to be believed, 1x15", clean and sounds great, lots of... $2850

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vintage 1962 fender bassman amp amplifier

1962 Fender Bassman

Piggyback amplifier in blonde tolex, oxblood grill cloth, flat logos, brown panel, "Fender Electric", two channels, master presence, solid-state rectifier, 50 watts, 2x6L6, replaced speakers (Jensens from 1967),... $2750

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vintage 1963 fender princeton amp

1963 Fender Princeton

The perfect transition between tweed and blackface. The 6G2 circuit has plenty of midrange, but cleans up nicely. Just through the shop with flying colors and some fresh filter and coupling caps. Period correct speaker. Tremolo that... $2100

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vintage gibson falcon amp

1964 Gibson Falcon

Cool little combo. 15 watts, via 2x6V6. One 12" speaker. Tremolo. Really very similar in design to a brown 6G2 Princeton. Lotsa tone...not lotsa bucks, $395

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vintage fender reverb tank

1965 Fender Reverb Tank

Surf's up! Need a little reverb to add some space to your non-reverb amp? This is your tank. Need to give an authentic tone to your surf instrumental, or cinematic spaghetti western opus? Here you go. From a little 'verb, to a lot... $999

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1966 Vox AC-50 amp with stand

1966 Vox AC-50

50 watts via two EL34s. JMI era. All original. Two channels - normal / brilliant - four inputs. Very good condition, with some grill and tolex wear, some metal oxidation. $2000

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1966 fender champ

1966 Fender Champ

The classic "student" amp that became a studio staple. Point-to-point, hand wired, made in the U.S.A. Now, that would mean boutique...back then, that was just how things were done. 5 watts via one 6V6. Volume, Treble and... $795

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vintage marshall

1966 Marshall Model 1962 Bluesbreaker MK IV Super Trem 2x12 On Hold

This amp is seen in the book "The Marshall Bluesbreaker: The Story of Marshall's First Combo", by John R. Wiley. It is the very same on the cover of that book. It is referenced at least six times therein because it is so... $Call For Price.

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vintage 1967 fender bandmaster

1967 Fender Bandmaster Head and Cab

Nice condition, showing an appropriate amount of cosmetic wear all around. Two 6L6s, 35 watts. Lovely tremolo. Complete with piggyback hardware. $1595

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vintage 1967 fender deluxe reverb amp

1967 Fender Deluxe Reverb

Very clean Deluxe Reverb. We hardly see them come in like thus. Original foot-switch, replacement Jensen. Currently tubed and biased with 5881 vs. 6V6. Sounds divine. The ultimate grab-and-go. Tremolo and reverb. 22 watts. Did I... $3500

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1967 fender super reverb

1967 Fender Super Reverb

Fender's fantastic stage amp. 4x10" (original speakers), 40 watts via 2x6L6. Tremolo, reverb. Just a charming bit of road patina. One of the best deals going in mid '60s Fenders. $1799

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vintage supro corsica amp

1969 Supro Corsica

Sounds as cool as it looks. Roughly 12 watts via (1 x 6V6). Reverb, tremolo. Kinda like a Valco version of a Princeton, with much earlier break-up. Lightweight. A cool studio tool. Fun and funky. $895

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1970s Fender Bandmaster Reverb Head

Great Fender cleans with a good amount of headroom. Roughly 40 watts via 2x6L6. Reverb, tremolo. Shop checked and working fine. Very good condition. $950

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used marshall jcm 800 combo

1985 Marshall JCM 800 Combo

The sound of rock! Marshall's 5o watt, 2x12" combo version of this perennial favorite. Two channel version, with master volume and reverb. Sounds great! In very good cosmetic condition. $1200

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Used Vox AC-15 Top Boost UK Made.

1990s Vox AC-15 Top Boost

Great UK built Vox AC15. Great top boost tone. Reverb and tremolo. Great size amp for the studio or small stage. Excellent condition. Includes the stand. $1500

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used 90

1990s Clark Lil Bit

Nice amp...powered like a 5F1 (with a 12" speaker ). This particular example is actually laid out like a Deluxe, with four inputs / two channels. Breaks up at sane volumes. Great condition...impeccable build quality. $899

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used jmi 15 amp

2000s JMI 15

15 watts class "a", 2xEL84, EF86 preamp, Celestion alnico 12" loudspeaker, 2 channels, cut control, hand-wired in England, a meticulous re-creation of the 1961/1962 Vox AC15. Impeccable build quality and cosmetics,... $Call For Price

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used jmi 30 watt top boost

2000s JMI 30/6TB

Superlative recreation of the Vox AC30, six inputs, three channels, back-panel top boost controls, 30 watts class "a" from 4 EL84s, 2 Celestion 12" alnico loudspeakers, hand-wired in England, very clean, with footswitch,... $3250

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used Top Hat Club Royale

2000s Top Hat Club Royale

Super clean. 20 watts via (2xEL84s). Greenback Celestion 12". Great little grab-and-go. Made in the U.S.A. $1399

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used fender hot rod deluxe amp

2000 Fender FSR Hot Rod Deluxe Snakeskin Python

40 watt, 6L6 amp with reverb. One 12" speaker, master volume, and effects loop. Takes pedals like a champ. Excellent condition. This was a limited edition Fender Special Run and features a Celestion speaker and faux snakeskin... $599

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used fender super reverb reissue

2000s Fender '65 Super Reverb Reissue

Classic 4x10" combo, ready the stage! Forty watts via 2x6L6. Reverb, tremolo. In excellent condition. These sound great! $950

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used fender ec twinolux amp

2010 Fender EC Twinolux

Very cool, flexible amp. At full power, roughly 40 watts via 2x6L6s. This can be halved, and can be dropped even further (to about 12 watts into one speaker.) Very flexible attenuation. Great sounding output bias tremolo. Nice and... $2099

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used fender ec twinolux amp

2010 Fender EC Twinolux

Very cool, flexible amp. At full power, roughly 40 watts via 2x6L6s. This can be halved, and can be dropped even further (to about 12 watts into one speaker.) Very flexible attenuation. Great sounding output bias tremolo. Nice and... $2100

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