At the end of last month I went to Chicago to buy and sell some guitars...... as we are known to do.

I also went to see our pal Duke Levine play guitar, he was playing with blue eyed soul legend, Peter Wolf.
Duke has played with Mary Chapin Carpenter in the past, and plays the Boston / New York area with his own band.
He is a nice guy, soft spoken, and quite brilliant.... it's a treat to see Duke play. World class.
Duke is the brother of "Buzzy" Levine who owns "Lark Street Music" in Tea Neck N.J. Lark Street is a really great store close to NYC.

Let me say this about Peter Wolf of "J. Geils" fame.... Pete is the real deal. The bomb. A gentleman. A story teller. An American icon.
The J Geils band was a huge hit maker, the Boston based band shared the biggest arenas with the likes of the Rolling Stones.
There are not many guys that have seen the view from that far up the rock 'n roll ladder, they owned the radio airwaves starting in 1971 with "Fist I Look at the Purse."
Ten years later the song "Centerfold" was number 1 for 6 weeks in 1981.... and for the rest of the milenia, it's safe to say you heard Pete's voice every, single, day.

It would be easy for Pete to just cover his old stuff and take the money, and he does do some of his "famous" stuff, but this band was special.
The band I saw was a soul band.... no drummer, stand up, mostly acoustic... and it rocked the room.
I met people in the audience who have traveled to see every gig on this tour. I could see why, I would go way out of my way to see them again.
This is not a J Geils tribute band, This is Peter Wolf, story teller, soul singer, historian, entertainer. If you get the chance... See this band!

So I took this selfie with Me, Pete, the bass player (who's name escapes me... bad Willie) peeking over Pete's shoulder, and Duke Lavine.
They treated me great, everyone was very inclusive, (Willie come sit with us) so now part of our Willie's Family, and that includes you who are reading this..... thanks everyone.
Duke and Peter... don't be afraid, the winter is gone, come visit the Twin Cities.
And you "east of the mississippi" guys...... Go see Peter Wolf an American Icon.