new plum crazy fuzz pedal

New Plum Crazy H.M.F.I.C

Inspired by the scarce Roland Double Beat but with 2-knob Big Muff tone controls, sounds huge, great build quality. Handwired in Minnesota, true bypass switching, heavy-gauge enclosure. $180

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new plum crazy moan sender

New Plum Crazy Moan Sender MkI

Fuzz pedal based on the Sola Sound Tone Bender MK.I, fuzz and volume controls, true-bypass switching, handwired in Minnesota. Sounds incredible, impeccable build quality. $180

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new plum crazy siclps

New Plum Crazy SiClops

Later-generation silicon Fuzz Face-derived pedal, a little tighter and more monolithic than germanium fuzzes, great for guitar of course but surprisingly a best seller for bassists. Handwired in Minnesota, true bypass switching,... $159

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plum crazy fx roustabout burns buzzaround fripp crimson nos transistors british

New Plum Crazy FX Roustabout

High-quality fuzz derived from the Burns Buzzaround used most notably by Robert Fripp, 2 SFT337s driving an NKT212, all NOS and British, ripping tone. Despite the Union Jack and connections to the court of the Crimson King, it's... $210

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plum crazy fx fuzzy lady ge germanium fuzz face willie

New Plum Crazy FX Fuzzy Lady GE

All-germanium version of the Fuzzy Lady, very close to an original germanium Fuzz Face. Fuzz, bias, and volume controls with a hi/lo input switch. Incredibly smooth and versatile, handwired in Minnesota with top-quality components.... $179

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New Plum Crazy Squawk

The Squawk-a true overdrive-a rock and blues machine. It runs the range from slight grit to near fuzz, all the while retaining the character of your guitar and amp. Based on a classic germanium boost circuit, The Squawk offers so... $185

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plum crazy pruneworks aleister willies saint paul minnesota

New Plum Crazy FX Aleister

Plum Crazy FX’s take on the early Rotosound MkIII Fuzz (and probably the closest to the original available). Wooly, loose, gritty - not a near-overdrive like the late MkIII & MkIVs. All-germanium, turretboard construction. Handwired... $200

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New Plum Crazy FX Class Warrior

A phenomenally built copy of a 1977 black and red Big Muff. All of the little details are right on these: turretboard, tropical fish caps in the tone section, carbon comp resistors, 70’s-era capacitors, and blue ITT diodes. If... $225

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New Plum Crazy FX Ark Royal

An old-school limited (only 25 made) reproduction the Marshall Supa Fuzz (MkII). Slightly lower gain than the MkII because of a few circuit choices in the original but that allows it to play better with a dirty amp and clean up... $200

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New Plum Crazy FX King Rasp

Plum Crazy’s take on a '69 Vox Tone Bender. All-germanium, turretboard construction with carbon-comp resistors and tropical fish caps - updated with an LED and a switch that allows you to choose the original raspy treble setting or... $200

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New Plum Crazy FX KHNUM

KHNUM is the exact circuit of a '75/'76 Ram's head Big Muff, down to weird parallel resistors changing the standard values in the final gain stage. Vintage ceramic capacitors, new specially matched transistors for quiet operations,... $225

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