Heavy Electronics

new heavy electronics ascend pedal effect

New Heavy Electronics Ascend

Heavy Electronics Ascend:
The Heavy Electronics Ascend is a refined one knob clean boost. Discrete analog design allows this exquisite boost to be balanced and true. Wonderfully transparent and clear, yet powerful. Drives...

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new heavy electronics descend pedal effect

New Heavy Electronics Descend

Simple and precise volume reduction with no muddy tone! Put your amp to work and use the Descend as a clean channel in a box. Stunningly useful in live performance. All too often, guitarists find themselves unable to drive their...

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New Heavy Electronics Radio Havana

Lo-Fi revolution in a box. Radio Havana breaks tonal conformity and pronounces a tone reminiscent of a small transistor radio. Tinny with washed frequencies, and very responsive to pickup choices and string manipulation. The center...

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