vintage gibson style U harp guitar

1910s Gibson Style U 10 String Harp Guitar On Hold

Black, a functional harp guitar. We say that because most need work just to tune. This guitar has seen a few repairs over the last 100 years. But the last repairman did the instrument a great justice. It’s set up to play, all cracks... $2400

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vintage gibson style a mandolin

1921 Gibson Style A

Ebony, this mando was used as a performance instrument in California. It has normal playing wear but no real issues as it plays and sounds great. Has original tuners, bridge pickguard, tailpiece and finish. Added Baggs pickup... $1500

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vintage gibson L-5 guitar

1936 Gibson L-5

Sunburst, factory refin? No paperwork but a factory quality older refin. 1935-36 were interesting years for Gibson as they started the improved Advanced Body as the factory stated. Now 17" wide, bigger F holes, advanced bracing... $7500

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vintage gibson jumbo 35 acoustic guitar

1938 Gibson Jumbo 35

Sunburst, a three tone bar classic with sought after features number one of which is tone big fat booming bass and solid mahogany midrange. We have small pickguard, small bridge script logo, Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and bridge... $11,500

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1941 Gibson J-35 acoustic guitar

1941 Gibson J-35

Natural, refin body and neck, refretted, lots of work done on this one but now plays and sounds amazing. The best sounding guitar in the store. Please note our talented luthiers did a repair on the original bridge plate keeping it... $6250

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vintage gibson j-45 acoustic guitar

1946 Gibson J-45

Sunburst (of course), script logo. Before we brag about tone that has to be felt to be believed let’s point out repaired top crack at seam and repaired back crack. Now, small pickguard and bridge, tapered headstock, big neck,... $7500

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vintage gibson lg-2 acoustic guitar

1947 Gibson L-OO

Sunburst, a wonderfully clean script logo with many sought after features: small bridge, fire stripe guard, script Gibson logo (a dying art) and tapered headstock. Beautiful Adirondack top aged the old fashioned way (70 years... $5500

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vintage 1951 Gibson TU-1 tenor uke

1951 Gibson TU-1

Walnut, tenor uke. How do we know it’s a ’51? We don’t. It’s all what the previous owner recalls. All mahogany with three layer binding top/back/rosette, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Scalloped braced with a great... $2500

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1951 Gibson J-45

Red, very old refin, this guitar sports a reproduction scripted logo but it was made just after the logo was discontinued. However it is a golden era Gibson with tapered headstock, Adirondack top, tear drop pickguard, Honduran... $3700

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vintage gibson J-50

1954 Gibson J-50

Natural, EX, This came to us a couple of months ago from the family of the original owner needing a neck set and braces tightened up. Now it returns fully vetted. A gorgeous small pickguard solid mahogany classic with Brazilian... $Priced Soon

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vintage gibson lg-2 acoustic guitar

1954 Gibson LG-2 On Hold

Sunburst, multiple repaired back cracks but a delicious tobacco sunburst Gibson from the small bridge era. Brazilian bits where you would expect. Solid Honduran Mahogany back and sides, Adirondack top. Comes with a seventies hard... $2995

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vintage 1956 Gibson J-50 acoustic guitar

1956 Gibson J-50

Natural, spruce top, mahogany back and sides, beautiful Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, 1 11/16" at nut, newer tuners, repaired center seam crack, has the perfect round fat but not overwhelming fifties Gibson... $5400

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used gibson vintage cf-100 acoustic guitar

1957 Gibson CF-100

Sunburst, acoustic cutaway flat top, these cool deluxe small bodied guitars are kind of rare, only 140 made in 1957. With crown inlays, pearl logo, bound Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, mahogany back and sides, spruce top. These... $3995

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vintage gibson SJ guitar

1963 Gibson Southern Jumbo SJ

Rarer Dark Sunburst, VG++, the perfect stage guitar as it has new bridge, many dings and small repaired headstock crack. And yet killer tone and looks beautiful, wide grain center spruce topo, cherry stained mahogany back sides and... $3750

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vintage 1964 Epiphone Texan guitar

1964 Epiphone Texan

Theee one! Many times vintage guitar become icons if important artists play them. Sir Paul McCartney is known for one six string guitar. The ’64 Epiphone Texan in natural. You will find ’65’s for sale or 1966. But you’ll look long... $7000

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vintage 1966 

Epiphone Broadway

1966 Epiphone Broadway

Natural finish, (model aka E252CN), think of this as a big puffed up ES-175 as it’s not 16" but 17" wide. A full hollowbody at 3" deep so it has a full deeper acoustic tone. The nickel Klusons (unique keys) and nickel... $2995

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used gibson j-45 sunburst acoustic guitar

2007 Gibson J-45

Sunburst, Sitka Spruce top, mahogany back and sides, factory pickup with sound hole hidden volume control. A nice 11 year old acoustic, no cracks or issues, some light playing wear, sounds good with a focused midrange, comes with... $1999

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used Gibson keb mo acoustic

2015 Gibson Custom Keb Mo

Sunburst with herringbone, 25" scale, really good sounding and playing L sized Gibson with a Adirondack Spruce top and mahogany back and sides, bound rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, scalloped X bracing for plenty of... $2399

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