used Dr. Z Carmen Ghia amp

2010s Dr. Z Carmen Ghia On Hold

Blonde, 1x12 combo, 18 watts, EL-84 powered, simply great tone, single Celestion G12M Greenback speaker, in great shape, light playing wear at most. $1999 On Hold

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dr z maz 38 senior handwired brake lite willies saint paul minnesota

New Dr. Z MAZ 38 Senior

38 watts from 4 EL84s in cathode bias, three-band EQ, 5AR4 rectifier, 12" Celestion 65 speaker, footswitchable EQ bypass that amounts to a great solo boost, handwired in Ohio, incredibly rich and responsive, suitable for all... $2528

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New Dr. Z Carmen Ghia combo

Carmen Ghia 1x12" combo. 18 watts from two EL84s, just volume and tone controls, simple and intuitive, sounds fantastic. A little bit Marshall, a little Vox, all Dr. Z. Beautifully made in Ohio, loaded with a Celestion... $1549

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dr z m12 ef86 greenback brake lite willies saint paul minnesota

New Dr. Z M12

We don't know how well this model does for Dr. Z nationally (presumably quite well) but it's definitely a best-seller and staff favorite here. A strong 12 watts from a pair of cathode-biased EL84s, lots of headroom, and an EF86... $1878

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dr z db4 paisley 5879 gold willies saint paul minnesota

New Dr. Z DB4

Dr. Z's latest, his fourth collaboration with Brad Paisley, and yet another triumph. 38/18 watts from 4 EL84s with a half-power switch, rotary tone selector switch, Gibson GA40-inspired 5879 pentode preamp, and a Celestion Gold... $2199

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dr. z ems plexi jtm jcm800 handwired willies saint paul minnesota

New Dr. Z EMS head and cabinet

"Three generations of classic British rock tones in one box." - Dr. Z

The latest from Dr. Z, the EMS is powered by a pair of EL34s and features user-selectable tube or solid-state rectification, a... $2599

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dr z plus studio willies saint paul minnesota

New Dr. Z Z-plus Studio Combo

Dr. Z's latest, a compact and portable 1x12" combo with a pair of cathode-biased 6V6s running in class A, 15 watts with a 7-watt half-power mode, master volume, tube-driven spring reverb, footswitchable variable boost,... $1995

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