New Demeter Tremulator

"I have often been asked... How did I get in the guitar pedal business? In 1982 Ry Cooder came to me asking if I could make him a tremolo pedal as none were being made at the time I after some experimentation and Ry's old Fender... $Call For Price

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New Demeter Fat Control

"The Mid boost came about when costumer wanted there single coil pick ups to be fatter and louder but not shrill. After much research the fat control was born. Mostly used on board sometimes with my noise reduction system the unit... $Call For Price

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new demeter over drivulator

New Demeter Over Driveulator

A flexible distortion box. The Drive control sets the amount of overdrive, the Tone controls the amount of high end, and Volume controls the output volume. There is a switch - Loose and Tight - that selects between silicon diodes... $199

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demeter fuzzulator dual mode willies saint paul minnesota

New Demeter Fuzzulator

The Fuzzulator is the first fuzz box to use our innovative Tone Pre-Emphasis Circuit.

This essentially works as an EQ stage to control and enhance certain frequencies, giving the distorted sound focus. The... $220

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demeter uber driveulator willies saint paul minnesota

New Demeter Uber Driveulator

The Uber Driveulator is a much cleaner drive circuit with more headroom and can operate in two modes: the Loose mode is similar to the tight mode of the Standard Overdrive but with a bit more headroom and the tight mode which has... $239

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