New Carr Rambler

Two 6L6s, 28 watts with 14-watt triode mode for reduced volume and increased sweetness, 1x12" custom Eminence, beautifully handwired in North Carolina with premium components, reverb and tremolo that's about as good as it gets,... $2730

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carr impala blackface bassman reverb slub handwired elsinore willies saint paul minnesota

New Carr Impala

1x12" combo, 44+ class AB watts from a pair of 6L6s, custom two-tone slub/black tolex, custom Carr Elsinore loudspeaker, floating baffle, handwired in North Carolina, in-house cabinetry, great master volume, think blackface... $2690

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carr skylark princeton attenuator handwired willies saint paul minnesota

New Carr Skylark

1x12" combo, 12 watts from a pair of 6V6s with integral power attenuator to reduce output down to 1/10th of a watt, Celestion A-Type speaker, three-band EQ, presence, tube-driven spring reverb, handwired in North Carolina,... $2390

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