new Bogner 412-ST guitar cabinet

New Bogner 412-ST

Perhaps Bogner's best sounding cab. Very efficient output, with a tight controlled bass. Four Celestion V30 speakers, wired at 16 ohms. The real deal. Loud. Articulate. $1149

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new Bogner 1x12 open back cabinet

New Bogner 1x12 Cabinet

Black, 1x12 open back cab, loaded with a Celestion G12H30 speaker, 30 watts, 8 ohms. $679

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bogner helios 50 willies saint paul minnesota

New Bogner Helios 50

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall! Multiple decades of both stock and modified Marshall-inspired goodness in one lovely amp. 50 watts from two EL34s, two channels, boost and effects loop, all footswitchable, handwired in Hollywood,... $2849

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